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How to use the chemical structure software above:

1. Using your mouse, select the structure you want to start with along the bottom, or single bonds on the left hand side

2. You can add double and triple bonds by clicking the same single bond two or three times, or can add the required bond using the drop down options. You can also specify the stereochemistry you require under this menu.

3. You can choose any of the most common elements along the right hand side and add them where needed. 

4. If you make a mistake, use the erase tool to remove the bond, or the undo function to undo the last change.

5. Click on the Save icon to generate the MDL Molfile or Smiles as required. You can also copy the MDL Molfile or Smiles directly by using the select tool and highlighting the compound. 

6. Please past the relative information in the form below or download and attach the structure file created. We will be happy to respond with you shortly.