Labtek Consulting International

Labtek Consulting is an international laboratory consulting firm specializing in assisting customers to identify complex issues that may result in loss of productivity, time, and revenue in the chemical, food/beverage, natural products, or pharmacological fields.

We only partner with USEPA/USFDA/CNAS/CAS accredited laboratories and research institutions to provide you with data that is trusted and verified. Our partnerships are our strength.

We strive to fit the best method to your sample to get the most out of your data. Whether it needs to comply with USEPA, GB, or FDA detection limits, we can find a laboratory to comply.

Our team uses all data provided to give you the best representation of your business needs. We proudly provide long term data tracking for all customers. Whether you want to compare against one sample, one hundred samples, or the life-time of a project, we can help

Our reporting system allows all data to be accessed quickly and easily through an online reporting system. We are proud to offer fast turn around times for samples, and quick reporting for urgent projects.

Er machte deutlich, dass bei einer oxidation kein phlogiston abgegeben, sondern sauerstoff aufgenommen wird.